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1. Safeguarding Policy

At Chesterfield Panthers Rugby Union Football Club (CPRUFC) we believe that taking part in our sport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s lives. Young players’ welfare is paramount. ( Anyone under the age of 18 should be considered as a young player. )

We want to ensure that children are protected and kept safe from physical, sexual, emotional harm or neglect whilst they are with the Club’s coaches, helpers and other volunteers.

To do this we have these aims:

1. All coaches will attend an appropriate Level Foundation Course or demonstrate their ability, understanding and
2. knowledge of Rugby Union coaching responsibilities and good practices, before they begin working with children.

3. All coaches will have a job description.

4. We will aim for mix of male and female coaches, helpers and representatives, of the proportions of male and female membership.

5. All coaches will be qualified to at least Rugby Union Level 1 before they are allowed to be the Head Coach of an age group.

6. The Club will encourage and help coaches stay up-to-date with rugby, coaching and child protection issues. All coaches will be encouraged to access the RFU Technical Journal online. Each lead coach will attend an NCF Child Protection Workshop, or equivalent.

7. All coaches will be given a copy of the Club’s Code of Conduct for Coaches and be expected to keep to it at all times.

8. We will keep written registers of attendance, records of accidents, parental consent and player registration details.

9. We will provide a written Health and Safety Policy covering fire procedures, telephone access and first aid and emergency procedures.

10. All adults who have regular or sole contact with young people at the club will require an enhanced CRB disclosure.

11. We will ensure that no photography or filming of individuals or teams takes place without the prior consent of and registration with a coach or the Head of Junior Rugby. Clear guidelines and expectations for the use, publication and secure storage of resulting photographs, negatives and films must be given.

12. The members of the Child Welfare Team have the responsibility to deal with any concerns about physical, sexual or emotional abuse within the Club. All allegations, however minor, must be recorded, challenged and acted upon. Photographs of the Child Welfare Team members and their contact details will be prominently displayed in the Club.

13. As a Club, we will promote ‘fair play’ and always play within the spirit of the laws and to the letter of the continuum.

Data Protection : All information collected about young players by CPRUFC, the RFU and the RFUW is subject to the Data Protection Act.